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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rapid Technologies determine rates and charges?

ANSWER: We have hourly rates based on the type and location of the tasks. Discounted rates are available in purchases of prepaid 10 hour blocks, through project and equipment proposals, and to registered non-profit entities.
Is Rapid Technologies certified, licensed, and bonded?

ANSWER: Rapid Technologies is certified through multiple software, manufacturer, and industry programs. We are licensed by the CA Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, and we have city and county business licenses where applicable. The option to bond by project is available upon request at a rate determined by the scope of work.
What is Rapid Technologies' geographic territory? Will you review and provide service at our locations?

ANSWER: Our data-center is conveniently located in downtown Fresno right above one of California's high speed communication backbones. Our service locations are strategically placed to serve clients in the San Joaquin Valley along the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We help companies and family businesses located between Merced and Santa Clarita, including the communities and rural areas surrounding: Madera, Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, Visalia, Lindsay, Porterville, Delano, ... Read more
Are there preferred systems, devices or equipment that Rapid Technologies supports?

ANSWER: Our technicians have experience with all equipment you need to operate and share information from production to sales to warehouse to logistics. Our expertise extends to hardware support for fixed equipment including servers and desktop computers as well as portable hardware including laptops, notebooks and tablets. You can also turn to us for expert support for your essential infrastructure equipment like networks, routers and switches, or mobile devices including ... Read more
I am interested in adding to or improving our equipment, can you help us purchase hardware and software? WHAT ABOUT OUR CURRENT VENDORS AND UTILITY PROVIDERS – LIKE PHONE AND INTERNET?

ANSWER: Rapid Technologies has longstanding relationships with several wholesale and retail outlets. Equipment is competitively priced by these vendors and quotations are compared to new options and suppliers for accountability and economy of scale. We will work directly with software vendors and utility service providers to help find the best solutions for your environment and objectives.
What operating systems and software packages are you implementing and supporting in production environments?

Since we are customer and industry-driven, we focus on the following operating systems and software packages.
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office products
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database Management
  • Famous Software server support
  • Prophet PR3 server support
  • ProPack server support
  • Microsoft Hyper V
  • VM Ware
  • Webroot Professional/AV Malware software
  • Gillware Data Recovery
  • QuickBooks
Rapid Technologies is part of the Microsoft Partner Program and MS Developer Network. We also maintain the resources to provide customer support for legacy applications and operation systems as our clients need them for business continuity and efficiency.
Are you willing to help support and/or improve my specialized application or legacy solutions?

ANSWER: Our team has experience in many industries and information technology applications from physical form data collection to centralized remote access electronic systems. We have developed multi-faceted solutions for businesses using the appropriate devices and technology for the situation and requirements. Rapid Technologies is ready and willing to review the strengths and vulnerabilities of your current business systems with your team, and help support what's in place or develop a plan to implement effective change.
What are the IT staff resources available to us as a client?

ANSWER: The Rapid Technologies team's combined experience and expertise provides our clients with continuous support that puts customer needs first. We offer phone, remote, and onsite support during regular business hours with immediate emergency support on standby 24/7/365. We offer enterprise-level service for small and medium-sized businesses through our knowledgeable, relationship-oriented team.
What can a Managed Services Agreement provide that is different from an on-call, break/fix, or consultant relationship?

ANSWER: Having a strategy to support growth and scaling that is proactive rather than reactive brings long-term return on investment. Rapid Technologies provides enterprise-level monitoring and security services for your information systems. Our team can deliver regular reports to let you know how your systems are running and offer prompt support for any issues discovered. We can work with you and your current vendors to review present agreements and negotiate ... Read more
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